Worship with Oden Fong and Friends

Many fondly remember Oden Fong from the Jesus Music movement in the late 1970s, or from his time leading worship at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Pastor Chuck Smith. Oden participated in the Maranatha! Concerts, both as an individual and as part of the group, Mustard Seed Faith, and is still very active in the ministry at his church, Poiema Christian Fellowship.

We hope you enjoy these memories and special times of worship with Oden and "his crew," as Pastor Chuck called them.

Watch the "Oden and Friends" Worship Series

Thank you to Pastor Chuck Smith, Oden Fong, Pedro Buford, Bill Ketts and the many involved in the worship ministry at CCCM.

Pastor Oden & Poiema

Oden Fong leads Poiema Christian Fellowship in Costa Mesa, CA as the Senior Pastor.  
The fellowship, originally called, "The Alley Church," began in 2005 in Huntington Beach, California. Oden teaches through the Bible verse-by-verse as his mentor, Pastor Chuck Smith, taught in his years at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Oden describes Poiema Christian Fellowship as a small, organic, love-filled church. Agape Chapel OC and Poiema Fellowship are blessed to share their home church location at Halecrest Park Clubhouse in Costa Mesa, California.

The Jesus Revolution with Oden Fong