The Legacy of a Servant

CCCM Assistant Pastor Laverne Romaine, commonly known as "Pastor Romaine"
"Drawing from practical life experience and the Word of God, Pastor Romaine candidly speaks to pastors and leaders about truly serving the Lord.

Romaine had the gift of exhortation. It was not uncommon to hear him say something like, 'Okay, get off your duff and get out of here and trust the Lord.
Don't come crying to me about your problems. Trust the Lord! Don't look to me for help, look to the Lord. I can't help you, but the Lord will.'

He has a tremendous gift of exhortation, and it's a good balance for our church. I have the gift of teaching; Romaine had the gift of exhortation. He exhorts us to put into practice the things we've learned from the Scriptures."

-Pastor Chuck Smith